Book A Zipline Tour In Kauai And Support Our Youth

by admin on October 17, 2014

zipline tour in kauai

At Just Live!, we believe supporting our youth is important; after all, the youth of today will be the leaders of our country tomorrow! Whether you are vacationing in Hawaii or live in the Kauai area, booking a zipline tour with us helps support the programs we provide to schools, youth, and community groups. These groups enjoy greatly reduced costs on our programs, or even get them for free because of folks like you!

Our adventure programs include our Challenge Course, Youth & School Services, Mission Possible, and other events. We know that not only is ziplining and participating in other physical activities challenging, exciting, and fun, but also important for building self-confidence and developing a positive mental attitude!

Whether as a family or for school groups, our challenge courses let those who participate do so at their own comfort level. For instance, our high challenge course offers ranges that extend from 30 feet to 100 feet off the ground, so participants only do what they’re comfortable with. Our 60′ rock climbing wall, 100′ rappelling tower, and 60′ monster swing are just a few examples of the challenging and character-building activities we offer!

Our Mission Possible program is designed for youth, school, and community groups who desire to take their groups to a whole new level in terms of cognitive and physical challenges, and helps inspire a feeling of greatness in those who participate. At Just Live!, we offer groups an opportunity to participate in Mission Possible for free by submitting the best essay for programs in the fall, winter, and spring months. You can learn more about this awesome opportunity on our Mission Possible page!

If you’re interested in supporting programs that help youth engage in decision making, problem solving, collaboration, and more while having the time of their lives, book an amazing zipline tour in Kauai today! Safe, fun, exciting, the adventure of a lifetime – that’s what we offer at Just Live!

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